Domestic - $40  International: $60

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Custom Ring Molds

We designed these molds to complement our process. Here's why we love them:

1.  They are see through.  If your design depends on perfectly matched seams, the transparent mold ensures that you know your cake will look dynamite out of the mold. 

2. They are 4" tall.  A couple of years ago, tall, larger diameter ring molds were hard to find. We made ours tall to increase the surface area for our designs.  It's easier, now, to find suitable stainless steel ring molds, but did we mention that ours are transparent.

3.  It turns out these molds are perfect for producing all kinds of artistic molded cakes like charlottes, or cakes with fruit fancy design exteriors.  The see-through material allows for intricately designed exteriors that you know will look good out of the mold. 

Full Disclosure: Any molds can be used to make these cakes.