Online Learning

Take your cake decorating skills to the next level and add another "tool" to your decorating toolbox.  In this definitive course Marcella Robin of MRobin cake design will teach you what she has learned developing this modern take on the decorative jaconde.  You'll learn everything you need to know to produce the iconic three tiered entremet wedding cake including, novel transfer methods for creating your designs , how to cut and fill your cakes, and how to develop your flavor profiles. Course materials are downloadable and students are encouraged to join in group discussions with Marcella and other students. 

Offline Learning

I adore teaching. And I love lifelong learners who invest in themselves and who follow their interests.  No matter the method, you're already my favorite because you're curious and creative.  Click on the "Learn More" button below and you'll find details about how to organize an in-person Entremet Wedding Cake class with me, Marcella Robin.